Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fake Coachella Poster Of The Day

A funny from Manuel via the totally bitchin' LOTD Facebook page.


  1. "Cobra Starshit" and "The Crapture" made me laugh out loud.

    I LOVE Mr. Morton from "Grammar Rock." My favorite part: Mr. Morton talked to his cat. Mr. Morton talked. "Hey cat, you look good."
    (I guess you had to have been there.)

  2. No Name Band that gets a very Small Font Size
    ah hahahahahahahaaa

  3. And in the audience you will find: Ex-Disney girl with a pretentiously named teen pop album, Over 40 actor who dresses like a 20-something and uses teen slang at inapropiate times, 25,000 bloggers who will try to sell an article to Rolling Stone, botoxed reality celebrity sent by manager in a desperate effort to have some pics sold to In Touch, rich girls who know nothing about any of those bands but "everyone who's someone will be there", one or two fans of the lower billed bands trying to catch one of the two songs that will be played.

  4. So true!. I went once. In my defense It was the Pixies first reunion after years. Am I forgiven?



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