Thursday, October 27, 2011

Effin' Creepy Vintage Halloween Costumes Of The Day

From Rachel.

Bette Davis guards the pumpkin patch

Rosemary's baby and his dad

Whaddya mean, "not wearing masks"?

Walter Matthau, a Sand Person and Jigsaw head out for trick-or-treating

The world's first "green" costume, made from recycled aprons and donated pubic hair.

This is what you get for eating hot wings, watching The Shining and listening to Abbey Road right before bed.

Welcome that same old creep you had nightmares about

Do I smell bacon?

Deleted scene from either The Karate Kid or A Clockwork Orange.

On behalf of (clockwise from bottom right) H. H. Holmes, Emmett Kelly, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Moses, Ben Willis, Jigsaw (again), Pancho Villa, Blackbeard, Frank, Harvey and Al Jolson, welcome to Hell.

Pics from Slightly Warped and Huffington Post.


  1. Sweet cheeses, Cary, you and Rachel are KILLING me today. The hot wings, Shining, and Abbey Road caption just made me shoot out my gum!

    Fabulous find and GREAT captions. :)

  2. Here come the nightmares. Thanks for excluding clowns.

  3. Holy crap, the captions on these....BWA HA HA!

    Seriously? All the black and white pics look like stills from friggin' horror movies. Nightmares is right!

  4. I think I just peed a little. Yep. Definitely peed. Add "Enter Sandman" as the soundtrack & my nightmare reel is complete.

  5. As always, you are the caption KING, Cary. Very funny! :-D

    And the pictures are, without a doubt, super creepy. Yikes! Great find, Rachel!



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