Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dogs In Star Wars Costumes Of The Day

Pets love costumes. Just look at their faces.

From BestWeekEver.

Lots more at BestWeekEver.


  1. Aw...poor little doggies.Hahahahaha! I can almost hear them talking, saying things like:

    "Somebody help me please!"

    "I'm so embarrassed."

    "Just wait until the house is dark and you fall asleep. I will seek revenge!"

    "Sheesh, the things I do for my human."

    "What did I ever do to you to deserve this?"


  2. Oh, hilarious! I think I've seen a few before, but these just never get old. Man's best friend = also good as halloween props.

    Notice how it's always dogs and no cats...cats won't put up with being humiliated in such ways, at least not without drawing some blood ;).

  3. OMG, the Chewbacca dog is awesome!!!!

  4. These are hilarious!
    May the force be with you. And with your pets.

  5. Chewbacca Dog hits it out of the park. Holy shit.

  6. We once had a Boston Terrier that didn't need a costume. She looked like Yoda all on her own when she was play fighting with you. Her ears went down to the side and her face got all scrunched up. It was priceless.

    Prairie Girl.



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