Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Craigslist Ad Of The Day: Ass-Kicking Machine

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I am looking for candidates to try out my new invention for a carnival. I need people with a good strong butt.

Duties involve sustained blows to the rear by different brands of shoes attached to a rotating ferris wheel device.

This job is not for people that have hemmroids or any other ailments of that nature.
Must be able to pass background, have a clean/perfect DMV and pass a drug test from hair samples.

Basically I'm like any other company, I want that perfect person for a job that any ass can do.

Oh and If you need any remodeling done I have 10+ years experience and my own tools.

Mike *****
San Clemente, Ca


  1. Ha! Clever. Nice try, but I'm not hiring him for any remodeling jobs. Look at his machine there. He didn't even finish the wood! If he wanted to impress people with his woodworking skills, he should have put some paint or stain or varnish or something on it. :-D

    Yikes! Larry over there on the sidebar looks like he's having a really bad day. It makes me hurt just looking at him.

  2. No thanks, I got all my ass kicking from my Pilates class.



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