Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Commercial Of The Day: Taxidermy

From Jason, who linked to it in the bad taxidermy post a couple of weeks ago. Another winner from commercial kings, Rhett & Link.


  1. "The most life-like dead animals anywhere"--that's quite a selling point. That may be so, but I still don't want a dead animal hanging on my wall or staring down at me from above the mantle.

  2. The LEAST lifelike animal there is good ol' Chuck himself. Seriously, has the guy had a serious stroke or what? None of his facial muscles move at all (except his mouth). That is seriously creepy!

    Prairie Girl.

  3. My hometown newspaper ran an article about the local pharmacist who had a special climate-controlled barn built to house his 600+ taxidermy animals that he'd done himself. The middle school even took kids there on a field trip. No one seemed to feel this was a) beyond creepy and b) the basic plot setup of a future Criminal Minds episode. I used to babysit for this guy, too. Weird.



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