Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Celebrity Phobias Of The Day/QOTD

No, I don't mean celebrities that you fear--Amanda Plummer, Crispin Glover, G.E. Smith--but the fears of the rich and famous. I don't think all of these qualify as phobias; some seem pretty rational if you ax me.

Johnny Depp - clowns, spiders

Billy Bob Thornton - flying, bright colors, antiques

Christina Ricci - house plants, swimming pools

Roger Moore - firearms

Alfred Hitchcock - eggs

Sheryl Crow - heights, hearing "scary" noises

Barbra Streisand - strangers

Queen Elizabeth I - roses

Britney Spears - reptiles

Carmen Electra - water

David Beckham - disorder or untidiness

Hilary Duff - dirt

George Washington - being buried alive

Jennifer Aniston - flying

Jennifer Love Hewitt - elevators

Daniel Radcliffe - clowns

Eminem - owls

Brad Pitt - sharks

Latoya Jackson - cats

Justin Timberlake - spiders

Donald Trump - shaking hands (germs)

Keanu Reeves - darkness

Kelly Osbourne- being touched

Katie Holmes - raccoons

Kim Basinger - open spaces

Cameron Diaz - door handles

Lyle Lovett - cows

Jake Gyllenhaal - ostriches

Anne Rice - darkness

Madonna - thunder

Jessica Simpson - brushing her teeth

Nicole Kidman - butterflies

Oprah Winfrey - chewing gum

Sean "Puffy" Combs - clowns

Orlando Bloom - pigs

Elle McPherson - radiation

Pamela Anderson - mirrors

Robert de Niro - dentists

Sarah Michelle Gellar - the dead, graveyards

Scarlett Johansson - cockroaches

Rihanna - fish

Shannon Elizabeth - chickens

Tom Cruise - going bald

Tyra Banks - dolphins

Matthew McConaughey - revolving doors

Uma Thurman - enclosed spaces (claustrophobia)

How about you? What's your phobia?


  1. high, open places

    roller coasters and other amusement park rides that sling you about like you're a sack of potatoes

    being in deep water that is over my head

    I'm not exactly afraid of spiders and snakes, but I do have a very healthy respect for them. I don't want them crawling on me.

  2. Me? Furnaces. Especially the old, fiery kind.

    I heard that Lindsay Lohan also has a fear of brushing her teeth.

  3. I am afraid of very large objects, like that super freighter or very sheer canyons (I took a boat ride one day through canyons on Lake Powell; between the massive, sheer canyon walls and the freezingly cold, extremely deep, still, and cold water, it wasn't much fun).

  4. Did I mention the water was cold? Sorry 'bout that....

  5. Roger Moore - firearms

    What the shit? James Bond is a-scared of guns?!?

    Not like I'm much better though. The two things I'm afraid of? Needles* and ants**.

    As a kid if I even had an inkling I had to get a shot at the doctor's office it took both parents and my older brother to get me into and out of the car, and hold me down while I got the shot.

    *We had to switch doctors when I was 7 because I bit a nurse who wasn't warned about my "reaction".

    **My older brother and a cousin saw an old movie where the bad guys tied a man over an anthill to kill him. Guess what they decided to do one lazy afternoon?

  6. Carmen Electra is scared of water? Wasn't she on Baywatch? And the Roger Moore thing, that's just nuts. Why would they audition for those parts?

  7. Clowns. Cannot stand them. There was a guy dressed as Ronald McDonald on a float in my college's Homecoming parade, which was right next to the one I was riding on. I almost started crying.



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