Monday, October 31, 2011

The Best/Worst Halloween Costumes Ever (Of The Day)

A yearly tradition here at LOTD, freshly updated.

The Toilet (Kids)
For a humiliation your child can tell his shrink about when he's grown.


Pimp Baby
Where my binkies at?

Mammogram Machine
The boob is already in there, bud.

The Birds
Love it

Pizza Guy
Lemme guess--sausage?

The Simpsons
Clever, but creepy

Marge Simpson
Clever, but really creepy

Burger King Stormtrooper
One theme at a time, please

Rebecca Black
Even lamer than the real thing.

Jewish Wolverine

Milk Carton
Because missing children are hilarious

Al Pacino in Cruising
Just stay home.

Frank 'n' Beans
Don't forget to scratch yourselves all night

Bert & Ernie
It sounded good on paper

Rat Trap
When you've already given up on getting laid.

Penis Man
A total dick

Swan Dress

Sperm Man
There's millions of these costumes floating around

Mr. T
If anyone tells you that blackface went out with Al Jolson, say, "Quit your jibba jabba, fool!" Voted the Costume Most Likely To Get Your Ass Kicked.

I Scream, You Scream
I'll let you out of the box as soon as the ice cream melts.

Alien baby baby
Wrong but funny

The Turd


TIE Fighter (Star Wars)
He'll be in the den, watching TV. Alone.

Trouser Snake
No woman will come near you all night


Whatever The Fuck This Is
"No, dude, you don't look weird at all."

The Runnybutt
Genius! Just squeeze the hand-held bubble to make it ooze diarrhea.

Maxi Pad
For maximum awkwardness

Saggy Boobs

What's with all the dick costumes?

Birth 1
Yeah but how do you walk in it?

Birth 2
Group version.

Pasta with Meat/Balls
Pasta with meatfuck

From The Black Lagoon

This is not the worst vagina costume you'll ever see...

Vagina With Tampon
...but this might be


  1. I like The Birds costume.. the dick one.. *squinting* looks like my ex.. haha

  2. There was a kid working at the grocery store here on Saturday wearing one like the swan, except it was pink (So maybe it was a flamingo?). He looked just as ridiculous as that guy in the picture. Worst part was I knew the kid--he was on the same Little League baseball team as my older son when they were little. I was too embarrassed for him to say hello. haha! :-D

  3. HA! Excellent round up here, with the captions making them even better.
    Love the expression on the kid's face in "alien baby"

    Any costume involving female genitalia with or without stuff sticking out of it is just...too gross to be funny.

    The Jewish Wolverine and the caption for the POTD made me laugh so hard I almost wet myself!

  4. "Where my binkies at?" cracked me up. That Alien Baby Baby has some seriously pretty eyes. But why is he wearing a chicken costume? I must have missed one of the later Alien sequels.

    With the popularity of zombies, I must say I was relieved to not see any zombie genitalia. Whew!

    Questionable costumes, awesome captions. :)

  5. The Birds was the best of the bunch in my worthless opinion.

  6. Lefty, I liked that one the best too, and don't be silly--your opinion isn't worthless. You are a child of the universe, after all, just like the rest of us. You have a right to be here. hahaha! :-D

  7. Was that Steve Jobs in the Tie Fighter costume?

  8. I'm not creative enough for these. I just threw on a pair of headband dog ears and told everyone I was a bitch.

  9. Thanks Daisy. That video made me feel inspired and a little creeped out. It's like Captain Picard reading motivational posters to a gospel album.

  10. I envision the Walmart fart guy weaving his way through the throng at the crappy costume party that these people would be attending. At least he'd get a laugh.



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