Tuesday, October 4, 2011

23 Amusing Phobias Of The Day

Amusing, that is, unless you have them.

Zemmiphobia – fear of the naked mole rat (I don't blame them)

Logophobia - fear of words

Consecotaleophobia – fear of chopsticks

Lachanophobia - fear of vegetables

Pentheraphobia - fear of a mother-in-law

Turophobia - fear of cheese

Alliumphobia - fear of garlic

Chronomentrophobia - fear of clocks

Ophthalmophobia - fear of being stared at

Kolpophobia - fear of genitals, particularly female

Sesquipedalophobia - fear of long words

Apotemnophobia - fear of amputees

Venustraphobia - fear of beautiful women

Allodoxaphobia - fear of opinions

Metrophobia - fear of poetry (I only fear bad poetry)

Vestiphobia - fear of clothing

Koumpounophobia - fear of buttons on clothing

Arachibutyrophobia - fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth

Chaetophobia - fear of hair

Apeirophobia - fear of infinity

Macrophobia - fear of long waits

Phobophobia - fear of phobias

Pinaciphobia - fear of lists


  1. I have a "issues" with really steep hills and inclines, especially like the ones in parking garages. If I'm going up in a car, I feel like I'm going to flip back and if I'm going down, I feel like I'm going to lose control and not be able to stop and get T-boned by a Mack truck...if a Mack truck happened to driving by at that particular moment in time

  2. Whenever I hear the word phobia, I think of that little skit between Lucy and Charlie Brown.

    If I ever come across a naked mole rat, I'm going to be afraid of it too. Yikes, that thing is freaky looking.

    "Pinaciphobia - fear of lists" Hahaha! Nice touch to end with that one. :-D

  3. Balloons. I hate 'em. Waiting for them to pop....because they will - just awful. Terrified of heights, too, but those I can generally avoid.

    Mole rat looks like he has wet toilet paper on himself. I kind of feel for him.

  4. I had a guy ask me to touch his naked mole rat once. But I can't really say I was afraid of it. And I don't have a fear of lists...I seem to have an obsession with them...that's called graphomania. :)) Thanks Cary for feeding my obsession!!

  5. What is it if you simply don't like poetry, vs. having a phobia of it?

    That naked mole rat is sort of disturbing, but I would totally have one as a pet, just because of the freak factor. Plus, it would make the perfect toy for a Sphinx cat ;).

    My only ongoing fear/anxiety is just with flying and the inevitable fiery plane crash the lizard part of my brain tells me will surely happen during take-off or turbulence. But, I fly anyway.

  6. I understand that people out there have weird fears, but I just don't understand where some of them come from. Are we born with phobias or are they all related to some type of bad memory or trauma? The one I wonder about is fear of clothes. Is this where nudists come into play?! lOl

  7. I used to have Consecotaleophobia until I found out that most provincial Chinese restaurants don't have forks.



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