Thursday, October 20, 2011

12 Celebs Who Have Denied Getting Breast Implants (Of The Day)

Not that there's anything wrong with that. From The Frisky.


"Where are my boobs? If I were going to get plastic surgery, I’d get some real work done."


“How could people think these are fake? Look at them. Ask them! They are as real as real can be. One hundred percent genuine and untouched... well sort of. I would never spend money on fake boobs. Shoes, maybe. A handbag, maybe. But plastic (expletive) – no way!... In 50 years time, I may look like a Siamese cat in a wind tunnel, but as of this moment I haven't and the rack is real.”


"I'm completely natural, except for my fingernails and a bit of help with my hair and a bit of a San Tropez (fake tan) going on. I haven't had a boob job." (She lied. Then she had them taken out in 2009.)


“It’s completely false – I’ve never had it done. But I would never judge those who have... I don’t like the idea of having an operation to hold up the aging process. The scalpel won’t make you happy.”


"No, I have not had implants. A report like that is about as real and truthful as reports that Todd and I are divorcing or that Trigg is not my own child." Palin blamed "boob-gate" on "bored, idle bloggers and reporters with nothing else to talk about."


"... some idiot somewhere, who's annoyed about something has created a ridiculous story that I had saline implants over the space of one weekend. I will never, ever say 'never' about anything. And I don't think there's anything wrong with making yourself feel better about how you look -- although we've all seen how you can go too far with it."

See the rest at The Frisky.

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  1. If they do this so they will look different and be noticed, why do they then deny having it done when someone notices? Hahaha! :-D



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