Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Vid Of The Day: Wins

I'm not sure that "win" and "you didn't die...this time" are the same thing.


  1. Eastern Europe and India may be the most fucked up places in the world.

  2. Wow. The only real "win" I saw on there was all those people lifting up the burning car to retrieve the [sadly probably dead] motorcyclist trapped underneath. Well, that, and the ho' looking chick walking along that got "smoked" - ha!

    The rest? Mostly pointless stunts where they are only "wins" because they aren't "fails" and because, yes, you didn't die while trying.

    @kate s. - agreed ;).

  3. Happy to report that the guy under the car is alive and mostly well. A few broken bones is all. They interviewed him on the morning news last week.

    Prairie Girl.

  4. Several of these where it is a teenager doing something insanely idiotic (like the kid lying down on the train tracks so the train can run over him), if I was that kid's mom, my first reaction after such a stunt would be to grab them and hug them and say, "Thank God, you're OK." And then of course, I would probably yell, "Don't you EVER do anything so stupid again!" This would be followed, of course, by some punishment so severe that they might wish they had been hit by the train instead.

    The dog with all the biscuits on his nose---aw...poor guy. I felt sorry for him, and what a good dog he must be to be that patient and well-behaved with an obviously twisted owner. If the next part of the trick was to toss them up in the air and catch them, I hope he was at least well rewarded for his patience. ha!

  5. I liked the cat climbing the wall...and the Pirate boarding the rowboat....hehehe...

  6. So much stupid in the world. :/ The people lifting the burning car = win!



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