Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Super-Cool Vintage B-Movie Posters Of The Day

God I love these.

(Lots more here)

(Sources: Abduzeedo, Dark Roasted Blend, Lost In Negative Space)


  1. "See the nerve shattering Dance of Death!" hahaha! These are so outrageous and so funny. They are kind of like the movie equivalent to the tabloid rags--Weekly World News and such. :-D

  2. The Santo movies were a classic of Saturday afternoon's TV in Mexico when I was a kid. Extremely boring, but then, I have never liked Lucha Libre. Las Mujeres Vampiro is special because the original one featured topless women before it was censored. Is it wrong that now I want to watch The Jesus Trip?

  3. These are awesome... I bet they're all on Netflix too! :D

  4. If I remember correctly, MST3K covered "The Brain That Wouldn't Die" - God, I miss that show ...

  5. I saw The Thing With Two Heads! (There was nothing to do in my small town, I went to the movie theater EVERY Friday night, no matter what was on. My parents were more than happy to dump me there and they never ever came with me. That seems odd but it didn't then.) In the sequences where "they" were running or shot from a distance, the Ray Milland head was just clearly a was head taped to Rosey's shoulder.

    These are great.

  6. I wonder what "$4 of Vengeance" would cost now, what with inflation and all?

    "The Savage Bees" made me itch. If you have a jillion bees crawling on your face, why would you open your mouth?

    @Rockygrace -- Me, too!



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