Friday, September 9, 2011

Sh*t My Kids Ruined (Of The Day)

These are funny because they are just too real. Children are so precious -- bless their destructive little hearts. (I'll spare you the photos of what my kids ruined: my waist, my boobs, and my tenuous grasp on sanity.) There are many more examples here. -- RichGirlRed

Tyler knew there was candy in his mom's bathroom somewhere, and he would find it.

White laptop + kid + Sharpie = Xanax with a bourbon chaser

I was actually relieved to discover this was peanut butter.

The photo that started it all. One quart of black paint on an oriental rug.

Mr. Potato Head is SO toasted. Literally. In the gas fireplace.

Celebrities aren't exempt. John Legend's nephew ruined his Grammy.

Obviously, soft skin is a priority for this chap.

ZuZu Pets made terrible combs. Her hair got wound up in the wheels and had to be cut off.

Teenage driver, wrong pedal. Oops.

"I sent my 4 year old son out to get in the car while I was wrestling my newborn into his car seat all the while forgetting that I had locked all the doors. Who knew that he was so strong and so determined and so hell bent on destroying the newly PAID OFF car."

What have your kids ruined?


  1. That zhu zhu pet one is awesome. That's going to be my kid...wait, it has been my kid! Plus I sent her to school today with 2 zhu zhu's for show and tell, so maybe it will be someone elses kid too! :) (on the plus side, that would mean we are down one of those evil toys that never stfu!)

  2. I am blessed. The only thing my kid has ruined of mine was my beat-to-hell gardening gloves. She did puke on the carpet a couple of times, but it was a rental, so it doesn't count (we even got the full deposit back). She only wrecks her own stuff so I don't keep track.
    I have shown her the picture of the girl with the zhu-zhu. She swears she'll never do that - she wants hair like Rapunzel (thank you Disney). A friend of hers got her hair tangled in my Boo's Hess helicopter blade. Does that count as an accessory?

  3. it make me remember one great line .
    Children are a great comfort in your old age - and they help you reach it faster, too.

  4. John Legend needs to dust!

  5. Raja - Indeed.

    N'awlins - That made me laugh!



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