Friday, September 23, 2011

News Story Of The Day: Man Found Dead In Bathtub Handcuffed To TV Meteorogist

The true benchmark of a great party: you wake up cuffed to a corpse wearing a dog collar.

From TVSpy and TheMovieGuru.

Man Found Dead in Bathtub with KARK Meteorologist Brett Cummins
by Andrew Gauthier

9/6/2011--Meteorologist Brett Cummins, who has been with KARK since 2001, was questioned by police on Monday after he was found asleep in a bathtub along with a dead man wearing a dog collar.

Christopher Barbour, a resident of the house where Cummins was found with the dead body, told police that he witnessed Cummins and the man--a friend of his named Dexter Paul Williams--drinking and snorting illegal narcotics on Sunday night.

Barbour, Cummins, and Williams spent time together in a jacuzzi bathtub before Barbour left the pair alone and went to sleep on a couch in the living room.

When Barbour awoke the next morning, he heard snoring coming from the bathroom and entered to find Cummins asleep in the bathtub--now empty of water--with Williams’s body slumped behind him. When Cummins eventually awoke, he discovered that Williams was not breathing and his face was discolored.

Barbour told police that when Cummins discovered Williams’s lifeless body, he ran out of the bathroom screaming and vomited on the living room carpet.

Cummins reportedly left the house after discovering the body but later returned and spoke to police. He was eventually released.

KARK general manager Mike Vaughn told that he could not comment about the incident.


  1. That's what I'd call a rude awakening!

  2. What a helluva way to get outted!!

  3. You know what they say; "Never get caught with a dead girl or a live boy" so this guy is pretty much golden.

  4. Ummm, no mention of handcuffs in the article. Plus, Brett managed to sprint away from the body and barf on the carpet, which is kinda hard to do while tethered to a dead guy.... not that I have first hand knowledge.

  5. Oh. My. God. 5 bucks says this story ends up in a "ripped from the headlines" episode of Law and Order SVU



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