Wednesday, September 7, 2011

News Of The Day: Man Gets Ten Days For Overdue Books

Damn. They don't play in Iowa. Still, I think serving Pizza Hut pizza is a worse crime than keeping library books too long, but then, they didn't ask me what I thought.

From The Smoking Gun.

Meet The Guy Spending 10 Days In Jail For Overdue Library Books

September 2, 2011--Meet Christopher Anspach.

The Iowa man, 28, was sentenced Wednesday to 10 days in jail for failing to return books and other items he checked out earlier this year from the local library.

When Anspach, pictured in the mug shot at right, did not respond to repeated attempts to contact him via telephone and certified mail, Newton Public Library officials turned the matter over to police and the city attorney, according to District Court records.

Anspach pleaded guilty August 31 to a misdemeanor theft count in connection with his failure to return 27 separate items (books and other media) that library brass valued at $770.67.

Along with being ordered to pay restitution to the library, Anspach was fined $625.

Anspach, a Pizza Hut employee, is currently serving his sentence at the Jasper County jail.


  1. Prairie Girl said ...

    It's always the quiet ones, right Daisy!?

    Those librarians look all prim and proper, like they wouldn't hurt a fly. But just keep a library book out too long and watch out, suddenly dragon lady is breathing down your neck.

  2. We turn our delinquents over to a collection agency. The fee we have to pay the collection agency to track the offenders down and take them to court if necessary is tacked onto their bill too. We didn't use to use a collection agency, but when you lose thousands and thousands of dollars worth of materials every year, you have to do something.

    I think I once worked for that lady in the picture. :D



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