Thursday, September 1, 2011

News Of The Day: iPad Scam

No wonder she fell for it. Looks so real!

Cops On The Hunt For Duplicitous iPlank Scammers

AUGUST 30--In a new variation on the “brick in a box” scam, a South Carolina woman who thought she purchased an iPad from two men in a McDonald’s parking lot discovered yesterday that the purported tablet was actually “a piece of wood painted black with an Apple logo.”

According to a Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office report, Ashley McDowell, 22, told deputies that she was approached by two black males who claimed to have purchased iPads in bulk and were selling them for $300 apiece. After McDowell explained that she only had $180, the duo agreed to sell her the device at a cut rate.

But when McDowell drove home and opened the FedEx box containing the iPad, she instead discovered the wood with the Apple logo. The “screen”--which was framed with black tape--included replicas of iPad icons for Safari, mail, photos, and an iPod. It also had what cops described as a “Best Buy sales ticket.”

Usually, “brick in a box” scammers don’t concern themselves with creating a replica of the item they are peddling (beyond trying to make sure that it approximates the weight of the authentic object).

Deputies have dusted the phony iPad for fingerprints. McDowell told probers that the swindlers were driving “a white Impala with no rims and no tint.” One of the men, she noted, “had a gold tooth.”


  1. Prairie Girl said ...

    I've heard it said (here in fact) that you can't fix stupid. Some people just deserve what they get. If that makes me a cold hearted bitch, then well, whatever.

  2. Wow! Perhaps the McDonald's parking lot isn't the best place to shop for electronics. :-)

  3. did she buy the extended warranty from them too?

  4. I was trying to remember if I was that dumb at 22, and then I remembered that's when I got married.

  5. And I felt bad when I bought a wii with a deep discount because the bundled game was slightly scratched and the clerk didn't tell me about it.

  6. Anonymous - yes, she did. A can of Minwax.

  7. Yeah, when I was in the nineteen-to-22 range, I think I thought there was a cheaper way to get everything if you just could figure out what it was. I don't think I would have forked over $180 for an iPad2 to some guys who approached me in a McD's parking lot, but I would have at least thought about it for a bit (at least until they wouldn't let me check out the merchandise).

    Love Tom Petty's mom in Portrait of the Day.

  8. You like her boobs, man, don't lie.

  9. "Usually, “brick in a box” scammers don’t concern themselves with creating a replica of the item they are peddling"

    I don't think these guys did either, if that photo is anything to go by.

  10. Hmmm... seems legit. Wait a minute! The Apple logo on the iPads are black! Scalawag! Knave! Rapscallion!



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