Thursday, September 29, 2011

Helpful Article Of The Day: How To Poop At Work

Oh yeah, there's definitely a skill to it. From Gin and Gawker (which sounds like a bar game or a catalog but it's not).


It's a sad inevitability. No matter how hard you try, how accurately you plan, how much you control what you eat, it's going to happen at some point: you will have to poop at work. It's where the biological meets the professional and it's always, pardon the expression, a shit show. Let's try to make it easier, shall we?

As the children's book tells us, everyone poops, and everyone has to work, but while we have to work together it doesn't mean we have to poop together, or at least acknowledge that we are all pooping in the same place. It's the great unspoken occurrence of the workplace (unless your office has some crazy rogue nasty pooper or something).

So, here are some easy rules to follow so you can drop the deuce without ruining your professional reputation.

(Read it at Gawker)


  1. Nice protocol. I'd add a simple one: I will totally lose respect for anybody who doesn't wash hands after dropping the nasty.

  2. "your mark of Cain" Hahahaha! Must pass this on to hubby, this is his nightmare scenario.



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