Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Great Moments In "Help Wanted" Signs Of The Day

Long-haired freaky people need not apply.

Fearful drunks apply within.

You can't have all the shits. Six Flags needs some.

If this were Canada, it would read "hosers"

Nobody likes a crybag.

Come back next month.

What's that smell? Oh, it's the piano keys.

Maybe you can steal some way from Best Buy.

Must speak Engrish.

Sorry, Madonna.

We need people to pack up all our shit.


  1. "Sorry, Madonna." hahaha! :-D

    The place advertising for a pizza cook makes me wonder what the back story is with the previous employee!

  2. @ daisy

    My guess? No one likes a mouthy pizza cook who cries in their pizza dough.

    Worst interview story I've heard?

    My brother went for his first after-school job at a local department store. They put him through the wringer asking question after question, making sure he'd commit to their schedule without any changes. The position he was hired for?

    They needed people to pack up all their shit.

    The store was going out of business in a month and they were gonna lay off the entire workforce right after the big sale.



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