Monday, September 26, 2011

Classic Commercials Of The Day: Bull

I always loved these because they make no sense whatsoever. That is, unless this campaign is a subtle message telling us that drinking malt liquor can kill you, an assertion that won't be challenged by any of us who has had the misfortune of ingesting it.

I'm glad Schlitz finally made the Marshall Tucker/.38 Special spot. It's only fair--we all know honkies drink that shit, too.

Here's a tidbit I found on TV Acres:

The bull used in the TV spots was named Zane. [Zane] was neutered... so despite his ferocious look, this 2,000 pound bull was just as friendly as a baby. He was owned by Ralph Helfer, the creator of Africa USA, an animal behavioral training center located in Soledad Canyon, north of Los Angeles.

Get 'em, Zane!

Yes, that's Rerun.


  1. I'm a sucker for a snappy musical showdown over shitty brews. BTW, when you say "Schlitz" with a bad French accent it sounds a lot like "shit."

    That Rerun really has the moves, doesn't he?

  2. You mean "had." He's wormwood now.

  3. I didn't know that! Dang, I guess "Rerun" wasn't really an accurate name, then.

  4. So wacky! I never understood how these were supposed to convince anyone to buy the product, but they were memorable, at least.

    I remember Merrill Lynch did a commercial with a bull in a china shop. The bull walked through but didn't break anything. It seems odd that two such different companies and products both used a bull on the loose as part of their ad campaigns.

  5. Aw, you can't go wrong with The Lockers and their fly dance moves! Useless trivia: the lady in the dance group was Toni Basil (of "Mickey" fame for those of us who listen to '80s cheese).

  6. Carey, we should have worked together in the 80s doing these kinds of commercials. It doesn't look like they spent more than a day on pre production and less than an hour on set design and lighting. More time for drinking Schlitz. The music showdowns were surprisingly awesome.



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