Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Badly Stuffed Animals Of The Day

Ya know, I'm thinking that taxidermy is harder than it looks. Poor animals--as if death wasn't indignity enough.

Pics from this Facebook page and Buzzfeed.

"No! Wait! Don't shoo--"

Maurice Sendak did this one

Hooo-hooo-hooo da fuck did this to me?

Lucky for him, he has echolocation

Hey man, loved you in Ice Age!

Mom was a pig, Dad was a piranha

Gary Busey's great-great-grandad

Next time don't use a shotgun



  1. OMG...I'm equally grossed out and thrown into fits of hysterical laughter. These are so horrible, they're hilarious!!

  2. Funny and terrifying at the same time!

    My grandpa's best friend was a taxidermist. Some of my most horrifying childhood memories involve trips to his "workshop." He liked to use "extra" parts to build new animals and you never knew what he was going to be "assembling" when you visited. You've heard of "turducken?" I've actually seen one. *shudder*

  3. I think dead taxidermists should be stuffed and mounted. Seems only fair.

  4. Now, if you want yer stuffin' done right - call THIS guy:

    That's some top-quality advertising there.

  5. Hm, link isn't clickable.

    Try clicking this.

  6. ohhhhh my goodness. If I have nightmares, I'm blaming you!

  7. Whoa, geez, Cary!!!!!! The crazy eyes on the bat have me is hysterics! I think I know why the Cheetah lost to the hunter...the poor thing had polio....

  8. The ice age one made me laugh out loud but that last one gave me the willies. EEEyuck!

    Personally I've never seen the appeal of hanging dead critters on your walls. I do have a couple of relatives I wouldn't mind seeing stuffed and mounted, though.

    Prairie Girl.

  9. The donkey in between the bat and "Scrat" is a rare example of the much spoken about half ass.

    On a related note, my uncle Russ went hunting for the first time when he was 63, and bagged a deer.

    His choice of mounting? Not as impressive.

  10. Love the captions, Cary! Hilarious and spot on.

    "Mom was a pig, Dad was a piranha." hahahaha! :-D

  11. Bugger! Cam got in about the half assed job on the donkey before I did.

    Cary has a talent I don't have at all well - I really don't think I would have seen the Gary Busey visual link in the monkey, but now it is pointed out, it is obvious. Obviously funny, too.

  12. If I had a deer butt on my wall, I'd be sure to put a pencil sharpener behind its anus.



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