Monday, August 22, 2011

WTF Celebrity Album Of The Day

Val Kilmer has a record. Yes, really.

From Buzzfeed: "The sound of rain blends with layers of acoustic guitar under Kilmer's breathy Tenor and faux Texas drawl. If you liked Kirk Van Houten's “Can I Borrow A Feeling” then you'll love whatever this is."

Band website design

Link from TheMovieGuru.


  1. I think Val better hold onto his day job. :-D

  2. Listening to that reminds me -- I need to make a dentist appointment. Val hurts my teeth.

  3. I think I listened for all of 20 sec. to the first song there, and that was all I could handle. It's not like his singing voice is the most objectionable thing out there, but the lyrics and just the song itself...gah!

    Perhaps you should stick to pissing your neighbors off via the anti-NM comments Val; it seems to be what you do best!

  4. He has done some singing before. They released a Doors soundtrack in which his vocals were used (as they were used in the film). Many a poor sap bought that by accident, I'm sure.

  5. 1. "All children are beautiful," huh, Val? Try working at a day camp for 2 summers straight, then come back and tell me that. I had one 4 yr old who pulled girls' hair and threw rocks at the camp kittens and would not stop no matter when. We tried to tell his mom and she said we were "just being mean" riiiiight.
    2. Listened to part of the 3rd song. "I was dreamin' that you were screamin'" is the first line. Can you say "creepy"?

  6. *wouldn't stop no matter what. Ugh, long first day back at college fried my brain



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