Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekend Links Of The Day

Good stuff for you. From you.

A classic from Laura.

And then he said that. From DRSJF.

Dumbest warning labels ever. From Mandy.

You've got something on your pants - from Michelle

Woodwoman found someone to paint your portrait.

The new Macbook Air? - from Jennifer-Dove

50 ways to bore, irritate or confuse your man, from Sheila.

I don't remember this song (thankfully) but TheMovieGuru does. He says it gets really good at 1:40... if you can stand her grating voice that long. Headband guy FTFW!

Sea cats. From Holly.

Boobs Don't Work That Way. No, really, they don't. From Emmi. (NSFW-ish)

Ummm. Hmm. Well. From Jennifer C.

10 movie remakes that aren't terrible. From Popbitch.

Which football team should you root for? Wendy can help.

A conversation I will never have with my daughter. I wasn't even there and it made me uncomfortable. From Prairie Girl.

"What do you get when you cross the Apple Store with Chuck E. Cheese? The Microsoft Store of course. I don't know what's funnier: The general ennui of the customers or, as many have pointed out, the woman in white who seemingly shoplifts at app. 2:15. Big fun." - From Mr. Minimac.


  1. Thanks for all the cool links, Cary and company.

    The conversation/skit from Prairie Girl got funnier and funnier the longer it went on.

    "50 ways" from Sheila amused me too. Snarky commentary aimed at ridiculous, lame sex advice from Cosmo readers--that gave me lots of giggles.

  2. I remember that song. I don't remember how ridiculous that guy looked on the video at 1:50, though. Apology not accepted for that outfit.



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