Friday, August 19, 2011

Vid Of The Day: Tom Waits & Cookie Monster

Spot. On. Thanks, RGR.

I'm not hip enough to be a true Tom Waits fan. I liked him in The Fisher King, and I like "Rainbow Sleeves," a song he wrote in the 80s for his then-girlfriend, Rickie Lee Jones ("Chuck E's In Love"), but that's about all I know. I'm afraid that if I get too into him, I'll start driving a vintage car and wearing a hipster hat.


  1. I love Tom Waits and I love Cookie Monster plus I'm a big fan of when people waste countless hours of their lives creating pointless things like this. Awesome!

  2. Cookie Monster has always been my favorite. I have a stuffed one from the early 70s but bless his heart, his eyes are kinda wompy and only one of them still rattles. I guess he resembles Tom Waits more than I thought! :)



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