Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Quality TV Programming Of The Day

From Rate My Pics.


  1. I would LOVE to have a drama-free relationship with Darren, he looks like my kind of man!

  2. Either Gary is extremely stupid or he thinks Kimberly is extremely stupid if he thinks she is going to buy that story. ahahahaha! I wonder if their dog is named Bruiser. :-D

    This list frightens me and makes me miss "Leave it to Beaver."

  3. People will say anything to get their triflin' asses on TV!

  4. Veronika and Lanieka need to get together.

    I think the tooth might be easier to explain than Arica's eyebrows.

    That guy is SO not possessed by a gay demon. No self-respecting gay man would wear that dress with those visible strap marks showing. And I strongly suspect it was after Labor Day as well.

    And sweetie, your man did not cheat because you have one leg. He cheated because you look like Jimmy Swaggart in a wig.

  5. By contrast I'm dull as dishwater. I think I'll develop a weird fetish. Project for this weekend.

  6. RGR has been in the audience for this kind of thing before.

  7. Apparently I miss a lot having a JOB.. hahaha

  8. "And now, a man with three buttocks."

    I'd love to have seen the chicken episode.



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