Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nightmare Playgrounds Of The Day

Where bad kids are sent to play. From Dark Roasted Blend.

Don't run off now, okay?

A cross between Jody the pig from
The Amityville Horror and the hedge animals that come to life in The Shining. Not scary at all.

You're in time out, mister. Five minutes in the monster's belly.

It's watching you.

"Mommy, my new dead friend Roger wants to know if I can live here with him forever and ever. Pleeeeeeease!"

This might sting a little.

"Will it hurt when you suck out all my blood, Mr. Cthulhu
"Of course not, my dear. You won't feel a thing."

Every time you look away and then back, they're a step closer.

Careful, the slide is very slippery.

"Don't be scared, I've got candy in my mouth. Come closer, you'll see it."

(See more at Dark Roasted Blend)


  1. Loved the grasshopper comment! It all looks very old-school (alt-schule?) European, to me.

  2. Is that Booji Boy by the tree?

  3. Prairie Girl said

    My grandmother used to use the term poop shoot. That's what poppped into my head when I saw the elephant. Lovely!

  4. Prairie Girl said ...

    Hmm, I think that was supposed to be poop shute.

  5. I think chute is the word you're looking for, PG.

  6. "Every time you look away and then back, they're a step closer." hahaha! Yes, I'm sure that's true.

    Roger is especially creepy--yikes!

  7. Thanks, D. I stole it from The Shining.

  8. Every single one of those are either in Germany or communist Russia, I swear on Zeus' left nut. Some of the most emotionally damaging play grounds I've ever seen have been in Europe. On the plus side, however, it makes children afraid of very little in life if they play on bees with giant stingers and multiple-headed monsters at a young age...!

  9. In Soviet Russia you don't play on playground. Playground plays with you!

    What is wrong with that "doctor's" face? His features are all out of order, like a crazy Mr. Potato Head.

  10. I read "dead friend Roger" as "deep fried Roger" which is accurate.

  11. I can't lie...I want to go down that elephant slide.

  12. Siressyorkie said: "Every single one of those are either in Germany or communist Russia..."

    I agree, the first photo of the fenced play(yard) looks just like a playground at the orphanage in Russia where I adopted my kids. The only difference is there isnt the concertina wire surrounding the top of the fence.

  13. Concertina... that's what I'll name our next girl. Lovely.



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