Monday, August 15, 2011

News Story Of The Day: Woman Likes To Eat Dead Husband's Ashes

I'm no shrink but something is amiss here. From Asylum UK.

Widow eats dead husband's ashes

(Aug 12th 2011) It can be hard getting over the loss of a loved one, and for 26-year-old Casie it was no different when her husband Shawn died after suffering a sudden and severe asthma attack.

Well actually that's not strictly true, we guess it is a little different... because Casie consoles herself by compulsively eating her dead husband's ashes.

That's right, the young widow says she can't stop herself from dipping her finger into her husband's urn and taking a lick of his remains.

It all started when she was transferring the ashes from a temporary cardboard box into an urn and spilled some of them on her hands -- not wanting to "wipe him away" she licked the ashes from her finger.

After this initial tasting she began to munch on Shawn's remains more and more often, claiming to find comfort from the odd behaviour -- something which earned her a spot on the reality TV show, My Strange Addiction.

And just in case this behaviour wasn't strange enough, she also takes Shawn everywhere with her. Whether she's popping to the supermarket, going to the cinema or even a restaurant, she takes the ever decreasing ashes with her in an unwieldy black box.

(There's a video at the link if you really must know more)


  1. Well, of course she takes him with her everywhere she goes. What if she got a little peckish??

  2. It is just calcium at that point, like the bone meal you put in the garden, and it is sterile... but still! EEeeew!

  3. This made me shudder.

    Sounds to me like she's making an ash of herself. ;)

  4. not wanting to "wipe him away" she licked the ashes from her finger.

    Wait, what?

    she licked the ashes from her finger.

    Yeah, it really does say that. Clearly there's a whole different layer of grief going on here. There's "emotionally broken", "deeply depressed", and now apparently "necro-cannibalism".

    Guessing it's a good thing she hasn't thought this through, or else she'd wind up on her knees at the toilet bowl with an aquarium net to make sure she didn't "flush him away" either.

  5. the pic reminds me of "The Simpsons"...when Homer sold his soul to Ned Diddley-Ed Flanders. There was a pastry box, clearly marked "Homer's [or was it "Daddy's" ?] Soul Donut", in the fridge, but Homer, being the guy he is, still ate it ("mmmmmm....donuts...gurgle gurgle droooool"). He was hungry!! Ya gotta love Homer. He's his own man.
    PS - It should have spelled it "Seoul" since that's where they draw the show.



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