Friday, August 19, 2011

News Of The Day: Zit-Popper Arrested At McD's

Two guesses where this happened. From Keith and WPBF.

McNasty: Fla. Man Arrested For Popping Zits At Burger Joint, Police Say

Aug. 11, 2011--A Florida man was arrested for popping zits on his back at a McDonald's restaurant, according to a report.

Owen Lamire Kato, of Port Charlotte, stood in front of one of the entrances and repulsed customers by squeezing the pimples for more than 10 minutes, the police report cited by said.

Kato, 23, gave a fake name to an off-duty officer who tried to intervene, then gave his real name before bolting out of the restaurant, reported.

Another officer in the area heard the call go out, spotted Kato and tackled him after a brief chase on foot, according to The report also stated that the arresting officer found a syringe in Kato's pocket upon searching him, and the suspect's girlfriend said he used it to shoot Oxycontin.

Kato, who had an active warrant in connection to one of his many previous arrests, now faces multiple new charges.


  1. Oh! So that's how they make the special sauce!

  2. On his BACK? That requires some flexibility, not to mention the fact that he had to be shirtless. As if McDonald's needed anything else to make it more unappetizing!

  3. He was told it was to be a zip-popping flashmob. He was misinformed.

  4. gross, maybe, but worthy of a foot chase ending in a cop tackle? Fuck that. Why can't the off duty pig just remain off duty and leave this poor man alone? He's doing a service to his community by repulsing them in association with a fast food place.



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