Tuesday, August 9, 2011

News Of The Day: 'Snot Just Coffee

From The Smoking Gun.

Cops' Coffee Befouled At Dunkin' Donuts

JULY 29--About a week before Dunkin’ Donuts made it’s initial public offering, a New Hampshire employee of the donut and coffee chain made a very different--very foul--offering of another sort to two cops.

According to a Jaffrey Police Department affidavit, when Detective Joseph Hileman and Lieutenant Terry Choate stopped by Dunkin’ Donuts for coffee on June 19, server Christopher Hildreth grabbed cups and headed to the back of the store to fill their order.

This the cops found “odd as they had never seen him go to the back of the store to make coffee in the past.”

Watching Hildreth, 20, on a monitor in the front of the restaurant that allows a view to the back of the store, they observed him make their beverage and then allegedly “put nasal mucus into their coffees.” Believing there was snot in their drink, they contacted the manager who joined them in a viewing of the store’s surveillance tape which made it "even more obvious that he placed nasal mucous into their coffees.”

Hildreth, pictured in the above mug shot, was fired and then hit with two misdemeanor counts of attempted assault. He will be arraigned in district court on September 15 for his repulsive act.


  1. Slap a mustache on the dude in today's POTD and you've got Ron Jeremy.

  2. Well, he certainly has the nose for it. :)

  3. Two mocha mucus snottes coming right up!

  4. Ewwww. Sucks that the cops get so many snot-laced food and drinks. Still I don't like the fraternal order of the police calling every year to sell tickets to the ball or whatever. I swear it borders on extortion. "Be a shame if something happened to that pretty house of yours".

  5. HA! The DD around the corner from me was just all over the news because one of the workers was pimping herself out to customers, while at work. Apparently someone noticed that she was very often going out to customers' cars for 10-15 minutes, then returning to the store. They launched a sting operation, dubbed "Extra Sugar", and nailed her (like that pun?). The grossest part was that she supposedly did not always wash her hands upon returning to work. I think I won't be eating glazed donuts again...

  6. Afterwards those cops thought back to all those times he gave them free cream for their coffee without them even asking.

    And how excited he always seemed to do it.



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