Monday, August 29, 2011

Great Moments In Hurricane Irene Coverage Of The Day (video)

Storms bring out the best in people, don't they?

Dude. Try some decaf.

I love this one.

Mics are expensive. Reporters can be replaced. From Daisy.

Spidey's good but I like the guy at 2:15.

Hurricane Areola

From Laura G. (NSFW)

Um, yeah, they call that toxic waste, guy. Best YouTube comment: "You have died of dysentery."


  1. I'm such a dork, I'm watching the last video going "I go to Ocean City each summer!" Although, I'm happy our schedule forced us to take an early vacation this year, otherwise we would have been there for the hurricane, and I would have spent the day telling the kids they can't go run around on the boardwalk and listening to "But why?!"

  2. I liked this one:

  3. That second one forgot to mention the full moon in her weather forecast. :-D

    The guy at 2:15 in the Spiderman one--hahahaha! I loved that. That was great!

  4. My wife showed me the dude whipping out his wang one between three and seven times. File this under "The Moment I Knew". -sob-

  5. Just watching that last one makes me want to get a tetanus shot. Can you get a vaccination for cholera?

    I never think about running around naked during storms. I'm so boring. :)

  6. I'm still waiting for some reporter out in the middle of a hurricane to get decapitated by a flying street sign.



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