Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Engagement Photo Series Of The Day

For those of you who missed it on my Facebook page last night, these are the coolest engagement photos I've ever seen. Just click the pic, you'll see.

From Regretsy and Amanda Rynda.


  1. Thank you so much for posting these, I am laughing so damn hard right now.

  2. I wonder what they will do for their wedding photos. It will be hard to top this!

  3. Okay I was totally expecting one of those things where the photographer is deluded and thought they were way better at taking pictures than they really are.

    Zombies never even entered my mind, so when I got to the pic with one in the far background my reaction was a confused, "What the fuck?".

  4. I'm thinking of divorcing my husband just so we can redo our engagement photos like this. Spec-freaking-tacular.

  5. That was great!

    I was expecting some nerd-trying-to-look-romantic crap.



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