Monday, August 8, 2011

Celebrity Gold-Diggers Of The Day

Not that kinda gold. The other kind. Btw.. what's for lunch?

Matthew McConaugh--HEY, I got one!

Damn, Pam.

Michael Keaton, looking for movie roles. Keep digging -- Multiplicity 2 is up there somewhere.

Good Will, Hunting

You can't hide, Marcia Cross

Halle finds a Berry

Kate Hudson. There's a Black Crowes joke in here somewhere.

"It was a scratch!"

The royal nose is clean, sir.

"I'll be.. wrapped around your finger..."

It would be a nasty celeb list without LiLo, now would it? She's looking for some leftover coke residue she can re-snort.


  1. "I'll be.. wrapped around your finger..." Ewww! hahaha!

    You write the best captions, Cary. Beaker's brother on the sidebar today made me laugh too.

  2. You know a lot of these seem like they could be passed off as an innocent scratch of the nose, but more than one is "knuckle deep" mining for nose gold.

    The one with Queen in particular.

    Good lord, it's a good thing you don't have to shake her hand when you meet her, or else I'd have to bring along a jumbo sized bottle of Purell for myself

  3. This post made me, um, scratch my nose just a bit.

    When I saw Sting all I could think of was, "Every little thing he does is magic." Maybe not! And "Every claim you stake, I'll be watching you."



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