Monday, July 18, 2011

Vid Of The Day: Bank Robbery Supercut

A collection of moments. Hey, you know, Point Break, you got no complaints.


  1. Love. Heat. So. Much.

    Great video.

  2. Ugh. I thought that Al Pacino ruined Heat.

    What was the last scene, with George what's-his-face, in it, from?

  3. I loved Heat. I thought Al was pretty restrained for Al; he only yelled a couple of times. Al and DeNiro were great but the supporting cast made that movie for me: Val Kilmer, Ashley Judd, Tom Sizemore, Hank Azaria, Natalie Portman, Danny Trejo, Diana Venora, William Fichtner, Jon Voight, Ted "Buffalo Bill" Levine, Amy Brenneman, Jeremy Piven, Wes "Magua" Studi, Dennis "Allstate" Haysbert, Henry Rollins (!), Bud Cort, Tone Loc (!)...

  4. Bud Cort was in it? Maybe I'll have to watch it again.

  5. Frank, I didn't see it, but a quick search looks like the Clooney movie might have been one called "Out of Sight." He starred in it with Jennifer Lopez. She played a U.S. Marshall(?!). Ha! That doesn't seem quite right. :-)

  6. Briefly, Frank. He's the diner manager who pisses off Dennis Haysbert.

  7. "Wes "Magua" Studi"

    Hee. Another favorite.

    I agree the entire cast kicked ass. It was definitely a joint effort. My least favorite was Pacino, granted, but everything and everyone else more than made up for it, and the diner scene with him and DeNiro was... oh man. Nothing like it.

    That bank heist was just so great because of the no music... and then they did that in The Dark Knight heist (well, there was a bass tone and a wood block, but who's counting) and it worked beautifully all over again.



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