Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tight-Ass Of The Day: Celine

Oh for the love of Pete. Get over yourself, woman.

Link from Rachel (via

Celine Dion shuts down the Ridiculous Pictures Of Celine Dion Tumblr
by Nicole Villeneuve

Do you think Celine Dion even knew what Tumblr was until someone told her people were using it to curate ridiculous pictures of her on the internet? And what face do you think she made when people told her?

The Tumblr that needs no explanation, Ridiculous Pictures of Celine Dion, has been shut down. From the site:

It will be interesting to see if this sort of action catches on, because Tumblr has seemingly been entirely purposed for photos of celebrities being dumb and cute animals. Then what will we do on the internet?


  1. laaaaaaamesauce. Not cool Celine. Not cool at all.

  2. Are there any pictures of Celine NOT looking ridiculous? They'll have to shut down the entire internets.

  3. This news kind of makes me want to do more photoshops of her. heh :-D

    Is she going to shut down Google and all the other search engines too? Plug her name into any of them and all the ridiculous pictures of her will still be there.

  4. This deserves the Tito Puente revenge treatment:

  5. Wow. She's so powerful she put a stop to all the bad pictures of her? It's a shame that once something hits the internets that it's so easily deleted.

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  7. Oh, pamella. Celine is EVERYONE'S problem. You can shove your dissertations, though.

  8. Ha! Lefty: you are my hero; come to San Mateo and I'll buy you a soda. Can I hire you to talk to my boss for me? Anyway...this is CELINE'S FACE. It's not anyone's fault but her parents'! How do people get to be such overwhelming dickheads?

  9. I'm on it, Margaret! My price: stolen office supplies.

    1. OK, fair enough. Do you like ruled or unruled legal pads? Fave highlighter colors? And, since it's an attorney's office (fambly law), we have lots of tissue, so...BONUS!

  10. We'll always have the orange women with horrid duckfaces to fall back on. If that fails, I'm game for poking fun at Cher. She's a classic fun fest!



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