Friday, July 15, 2011

News Of The Day: Woman Caught Trying To Smuggle Husband From Jail In Suitcase

Great plan. I can't believe it didn't work. The photo is the best part...and screams for a caption. Anyone?

Wife Arrested After Trying to Smuggle Husband out of Jail in Suitcase

CHETUMAL, Mexico (KTLA) -- A woman has been arrested after police say she tried to smuggle her husband out of jail in a suitcase.

The woman, who is the man's common law wife, had been allowed to visit the man for a conjugal visit, police in Mexico say.

Prison guards noticed something was wrong when she appeared to be nervous and was pushing a suitcase that was "overstuffed."

Chetumal prison spokesman Gerardo Campos said guards checked the bag and found the inmate, identified as Juan Ramirez-Tijerina, inside the bag curled up in a fetal position.

19-year-old Maria del Mar Arjona was arrested and may face prison time herself, police say.

Ramirez is serving a 20-year sentence for a 2007 conviction for illegal weapons possession.


  1. And I thought I always overpacked...

    BTW, CTOTD looks like Neelix from ST: Voyager.

  2. He looks a little bruised, like the American Tourister Gorrilla manhandled him.

  3. Aren't you supposed to let the air out of them first?

  4. One of the slides in the class Ways to Avoid TSA Molestation.



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