Wednesday, July 27, 2011

News Of The Day: Cranky Old Woman Arrested for Truck Nutz

From The Smoking Gun.

Testicle-Adorned Truck Leads South Carolina Woman To Trial

A South Carolina woman will face a jury trial over a $445 ticket written to her after a police chief deemed the red truck testicles hanging off her vehicle violated a state obscenity law.

Virginia Tice, 65, was issued the ticket earlier this month after her truck was pulled over by Bonneau Police Department Chief Franco Fuda who saw the popular adornment known as “Truck Nutz” or “Bulls Balls” hanging from her 2004 Dodge.

Her violation was recorded by the chief as “Obscene Bumber Sticker” which falls under a state law involving displays that community standards deem “patently offensive” and include “sexual acts, excretory functions, or parts of the human body."

According to a court clerk a trial will be scheduled for late August. It will allow Tice’s peers to determine what the community standard is when it comes to dangling novelty balls off the back of one’s truck.


  1. Two questions.

    What the fuck is a "Bumber"?

    And if South Carolina has such a hair across it's ass about truck nutz why are they sold in the state?

    I mean they already made it illegal to own sex toys in that state. (Seriously)

  2. I hate those things. They ARE obscene. And that's coming from a hard-core blue-stater.

  3. The courts here would be backed up for years if this was against the law. I can't leave my neighborhood without seeing a pair of those swinging from the back of a truck. Oftentimes on the same truck that has nekkid women on the mudflaps.

  4. Some guy just down the street from our house has those on his truck. I don't get why anyone would want them. Are they supposed to compensate for what they don't have? The daughter of a neighbor saw them on his truck and asked her mom what they were. The mom just changed the subject and distracted her without answering her. Sheesh, how would you go about explaining those away to a six year old little girl anyway.

  5. Ok, I have never seen this is the LA area, and I'm all over the freeways around here every day. I thought this was a joke at first. We may be crazy out here, but thank heavens some trends don't make it out west.

    Seriously? Balls hanging from your car? *shaking head*

  6. Daisy said...
    Sheesh, how would you go about explaining those away to a six year old little girl anyway.

    A mother is walking with her six year-old daughter when a pick-up truck drives by with a pair of truck nutz dangling from the back. The girl looks with amazement at the sight and asks her mom, "What's that thing hanging down from the truck?"

    The mother, wanting to avoid this subject all together, just says "Oh, that's nothing" and whisks her off to their destination.

    Two weeks later she's walking outside with her dad. They are at the corner when another pick-up drives by with a set of truck nutz. she asks her dad "What's that thing hanging down from the truck?"

    Her dad replies, "Sweetie, those are nuts. Like on your dog Spot."

    The kid, a bit puzzled, tells her dad, "But Mom said it was nothing."

    Her father replied, "That's because your mom's been spoiled."

  7. I saw those things daily for about 3 months maybe 3-4 years ago and not since. Really stupid. It seems like I saw a set that was really small once. Someone was being ironic.

  8. @ lefty

    That, or it was really cold out that day.

  9. Just got out of the pool, maybe?



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