Monday, July 25, 2011

Newly Added Scrabble Words Of The Day

The deterioration of the English language continues, at least for one official Scrabble guide. Story here and here.

INNIT ("Isn't it?")

THANG (thing or penis)

INBOX (e-mail folder)

GAK (cocaine)

NANG (cool)

DARKNET (software and servers used to distribute music, videos and other copyrighted material illegally)

PUNAANY (female genitals)

GRRL or GRRRL (girl with attitude)

BREDREN (male friend)

BIACH (bitch)

TIK (crystal meth)

TINA (crystal meth)

HOOR (Scots and Irish form of whore)

CLIT (if you don't know, I'm not telling you)

MYSPACE (synonym for defunct?)

FACEBOOK (social networking website)

WIKI (website that allows changes by its visitors)

FANSITE (website devoted to a celebrity)

WEBZINE (online magazine)

VLOG (video blog)

MILF (sexy older woman/mother)

NOOB (newcomer)

AIGHT (all right)

CRUNK (a type of hip-hop music)

FELCH (you don't want to know)

FLAVA ("a special style, flavor or feeling" or an ugly-ass washed-up hip-hopper)

MOOBS (male breasts)

PAEDO (pedophile)

PERVY (perverted)

DANCY (music suitable for dancing)

PUKEY (like vomit)

DOOCE (to fire an employee for indiscreet remarks about the company on the web)

PHARM (to redirect web users from legitimate sites to counterfeit sites in order to gain confidential information about them)

MEH (expression of indifference)

CUM (I think you know)

DEFO (definitely)

SPLOG (spam blog, artificially created blog site to promote affiliated websites or increase their search engine rankings)

The news isn't all bad, Scrabble nerds: the game added two new Q words that do not require a U.

QIN (Chinese musical instrument)

FIQH (legal foundation of Islamic religious, political, and civil life.)

Full list here (Note: this is a PDF file download)


  1. Cary, your motivational poster of the day slew me! Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Oh, and whoever made these words official, needs to have their tongue ripped out with red hot tongs, so they will not be able to speak these abominations!

  3. Well, if they're just going to allow people to make up their own words willy-nilly like this, it will take all the fun out of Scrabble! :-D

    Some of these words have probably already been used unofficially in games of dirty Scrabble anyway. haha!

  4. Nice pic, Daisy. I think someone misspelled "jizy," though. I'm thinking two Z's.

  5. HA! Yes, I think you're right. I didn't look closely enough to notice that.



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