Friday, July 1, 2011

Animals Being Dicks Of The Day

From, my new favorite site (besides this one, of course). If these aren't showing up as animated GIFs for you, well, I don't know what to tell you. Stop using IE, maybe?

"Oops, did *I* do that? So sorry, mate."

"What? They said stop peeing on the lawn. I stopped."

"Like my new ha--"


"And STAY down!"

"You like looking, huh? Look at this."

"What? A lion behind me? Right. I'm not falling for that again."

I saved my favorite for last.


More at Animals Being Dicks.


  1. The elephant cracked me up.
    I can only imagine how the explanation went between the dad and the kid over the monkey.

  2. Oh my gosh, I love these! hahahaha! I think my favorite is the bird in the first one with that nonchalant little side slide of the foot. So sneaky!

    I wonder how much that little acrobatic peeing dog had to drink!

  3. THe girl getting crapped on probably deserved it. What a perv, raising the dogs tail.

  4. best website ever! this made my day! and i could cheer up three other people as well. I think it deserves a nobel peace price!

  5. HAHA! Holy crap, those were all outstandingly friggin' hysterical!

    The turtle going for the dog's balls...maybe they should use that in those "neuter your dog" campaigns ;).

    That poor baby elephant...but, it almost looked like he was going to get up and go pester the adult again.

  6. Nice collection! Animals can really be dicks. I feel really bad for the turtle-based castration situation. Poor pup.

  7. I love the girl who gets covered in dogshit hahahaa

  8. Just yesterday, my tom cat peed on my freshly painted wall in protest of my banning his living room rights after peeing the same wall because he objected to my giving food to a hurt stray. I'm glad to know there are worse critters out there.

  9. @ chrocs

    Whatever you do, don't do what my mom did when she caught her cat peeing. Namely screaming bloody murder.

    Oddly enough, the sound of a woman's scream mid-wee only seemed to add force to the poor cat's stream.

  10. I've heard of the "squirts" but not the "shoots!" I can't imagine what horrible non-dog-approved food that poor pooch had to eat to generate such a powerful spray.

    My chihuahua, Lola, can walk like that peeing pooch but she's not nearly talented enough to pee at the same time. She can, however, dance the cha-cha. She's a showgirl, ya know.

  11. You know, most of those animals were playing - but not that lioness. She was downright hunting for her next meal. If that glass hadn't been there, that would have been a pretty gruesome Faces of Death clip.

  12. Love these clips. That little Chi must have really been full of pee!! Whatta trail!

  13. Cam: My voice is not adequate for shrill screaming, so instead I called him asshole (he recognizes the word as he hears it more often than his name) and he knew he was in deep shit, opting to run for the hills instead of staying to see the results of his efforts.

    RGR: Share a vid of the chihuahua cha cha cha!

  14. Great find! Thanks so much!

    The dog in the second GIF can go work for whoever makes the stock tickers graphs. It wouldn't be terribly accurate, but who would know?

  15. Oh, that poor dog in the last one. Seriously, that must have been agonizing. And since I detest zoos, I found the lioness to be utterly wonderful. Derby Kitten made me laugh.



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