Tuesday, June 7, 2011

WTF Video Of The Day: Horses

*scratching head*


  1. Hahaha! I bet those girls felt so silly doing that. It's amazing to me that, not only did someone in charge offer that up as a good idea and alternative, but also other people agreed and went along with it! :D

  2. "Savannah Steed." Sounds like she was born to be a Rodeo Queen.

    I read this report about the equine herpes outbreak: "If your horse hasn't exhibited symptoms, been exposed to a known carrier, or tested positive by now, it is now free to travel and socialize." I wonder if it was the "socializing" that caused the problem in the first place!

  3. Would I do that, in the same situation?


  4. Huh - I ride a "stick horse" almost every night.

    All jokes aside, that shit (equine herpes) is some seriously scary shit.

  5. That horse virus is serious stuff. That outbreak in Utah is only 2 hours south of where we live and there were horses from this area at that show. Our horses are lazy and we never take them anywhere where they have contact with other horses so I think we should be OK.

    But seriously, stick horses?? Why not just reschedule the events in a few weeks after the virus has run its course. All those years of fighting for women's lib and this is where we are? I am so ashamed.

  6. Almost every night? Damn. FML.

    Running around on a stick horse seems about as representative of actual horsing skills as using a Wii steering wheel is to real driving.

  7. Well the man needs some sleep every now and again..... not my choice.

  8. I'm embarrassed to share the same state with these girls.



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