Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Simpsons Movie Homages Of The Day

A photoset. Simpsons cap + corresponding movie still. Good stuff from JoeyDevilla.com

Lots more here.


  1. These are a little bit more of allusions, right? Either way, I've always loved movie and culture references in TV shows until they became nothing but...


  2. Cool stuff! I think clever work like this is just one of the reasons the Simpsons show has remained on the air for such a long time. It's fun to see these bits from well-known movies taken and given the special Simpson twist in the Simpson settings.

  3. The homage to the opening of Raiders of the Lost Ark, in "Bart's Friend Falls in Love," with the rolling ball/Homer and monkey's head/coin jar and all that, is probably the best one.

    The early seasons were classic, the latter ones passable but often funny, and the movie was pretty good.



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