Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pics Of The Day: WTF Comcast?

I want this job.

From WTF Comcast.

Lots more at WTF Comcast.


  1. heh
    These sound like you could have written them.

  2. I'm thinking that was not what that person was meant to write. Those are so much better, though. I also want that job.

  3. Dish Network was awful like this at one point in time.... Cox communications is pretty bad too, but then again 99% of the programming is "No Description Available"

  4. I actually saw The Seventh Sign in the theater. I'm distantly related to Michael Biehn, so we had to. But he's the good guy in The Terminator, so that's cool.


  5. I would love to write these.

    I saw the 7th Sign in the theater, too. I have no excuse for this behavior.

  6. The other night I clicked on Reno 911 on Netflix and the description said something about Geoffrey Rush being brilliant in as a obsessive Australian pianist. I started wondering if Jim Dangle had hacked their server...

  7. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!! These are great!!! The comments, I mean.....(O.K. the show descriptions are good, but I think LOTD followers could definitely qualify for the job...)



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