Thursday, June 9, 2011

Photoshops of the Day: Arnold

Since Arnold Schwarzenegger split with his wife Maria Shriver, rumors* have surfaced that he isn't doing very well. In fact, some say his behavior has become downright strange now that he is alone.

For one thing, his eating habits have changed. He's been spotted on several occasions lately with those huge hamburgers that are bigger than a person's head.

He's also been seen with a sad look on his face while carrying very large bowls full of his favorite comfort food, potato salad.

Others have noticed that he seems to be reverting to his childhood. He's been seen all over town with a brightly colored slinky in his hands nervously tossing it back and forth, back and forth.

He's driving people crazy pestering them to play cats in the cradle with him.

He has begun some odd obsessive/compulsive behavior too. Since the break-up, he seems to be unable to pass by a window without washing it first.

In an effort to help him, some of his friends suggested that he get a pet to keep himself company. Of course, Arnold didn't want a little kitten or a puppy dog. "Those kinds of pets are for girlie men," he said. "An elephant is the pet for me."

Now Arnold is returning to the entertainment field, but the results have been mixed.

First he tried being a back up singer and dancer. Something just wasn't quite right.

Next he tried being a plate spinner, but it didn't catch on.

What frightened his fans most was when he joined his long-lost twin brother in singing a duet.

Or when he wore a pretty blue hat and practiced the royal backward wave at those passing by.

There's even talk that he's been blasting bunnies with his ray gun.


~posted by Daisy

*outright, outrageous, bold-faced lies, every one of them


  1. Daisy, I love this so much. That you included my favorite Russian singer almost makes me teary-eyed at the genius of your artistry. I am going to think about these and laugh the rest of the day, especially zapping the bunny, appropriate since I'm off to volunteer in the high school library...

  2. Isn't "blasting bunnies with his ray gun" what got him into trouble, in the first place?

  3. Daisy, these are so great! Plate spinning is a LOT harder than it looks, believe me.

    Ahnold looks a lot like Ronald Reagan in the potato salad shot.

    LMAO @ Frank!

  4. LOL, Frank!

    Thanks WW and RGR! :-D

  5. Oh, Crazy make me laugh! :-D

  6. :-D Thanks, Courteous. Glad to hear it!

  7. If he had just spanked the monkey, instead of zapped the bunny, he might not be in this predicament.

    This effort is close to Daisy's best! Craisy Daisy, that is.

  8. Bludger-Hahaha! Thanks! I've been practicing. Recently, I had to use Photoshop to create more than 30 READ posters of members of the library staff at work. I still only know how to use a small fraction of what the Photoshop software can do, but I have been having fun playing around with it and trying to learn it.



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