Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Outstandingly Awful Church Signs Of The Day

There's a thunderstorm above me at this moment, so maybe posting this now isn't the smartest move. In case something happens, it's been nice knowing all of you. Thanks for reading. I'll see you on the other side (of the hot place).

And yes, some of these are surely Photochopped.

What? The Easter Bunny is dead?! No! It's a lie!

Not what they meant, but it sorta works

As long as it's a booth, I don't care

Hell's broke loose in Georgie and the devil deals the cards.

Although some count it as a religious experience.


Keepin' it real for the youth, and only ten years behind instead of the usual forty

Wait, if the sign's broke, how do we know-- eh, never mind.

And bad puns

Now you're talkin'!

All the old people will go get their eyes checked tomorrow for no reason.

Probably belongs to the pastor


So was Joan Of Arc and we all know how that turned out

"#3 is god on Saturday, but God is #1 every day."

This one I saw myself on the way home from Seagrove Beach, FL.

But I got to kiss more girls there so it's okay

God's gonna smite your lawn


  1. Too funny... the spelling mistakes are embarrassing though.

  2. I don't care if their shopped or not - I love them. Shame not one of them will entice me to actually enter their church though...

  3. "All the old people will go get their eyes checked tomorrow for no reason." HA! Yes, they will.

    I put up the messages on the marquee sign like these that is out in front of our library. The outer case of the sign locks, but I keep expecting to come to work in the morning someday and find that someone has broken into it and changed the letters around overnight.

  4. And yes, some of these are surely Photochopped.

    Either that or there's a bunch of vandals that are going somewhere hot when they die.

  5. This is hilarious! Love the "The Peter In Me" hahaha
    The smartest one would have to be "Sign Broke. Message Inside"

  6. laughing hard about kissing more girls in hell. Cary, you slay me!

  7. I once saw a sign back in England that said (and I wish I was kidding here):

    "If u cum 2 God, He will cum 2 u".

    Oh, for a camera...

  8. I love these. They're sacrilicious.

  9. brilliant! my friend took a picture of one in canada saying the "screaming oh god in bed, does not constitute going to church" love it

  10. LOL @ Lefty!

    I would so go to a church that had a sign that said: We aren't perfect, we just try not to make Baby Jesus cry.

  11. EXACTLY like that! Where is it? I'll put on panties and show up. :)

  12. Using my vast understanding of the New Testament, I have determined that panties make baby Jesus cry.

  13. RGR I'd suggest taking lefty's advice.

    You do know he's a deacon in the Universal Life Church, right? The man knows of what he speaks, if he says that panties make baby Jesus cry, well then you'd best listen to the man.



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