Monday, June 6, 2011

Movie Trailer Of The Day: X-Men

Saw this yesterday. Loved it.

The trailer's even better in HD (same link, select 720HD). Or go here for 1080HD.

Bonus clip: Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence, Oscar nominee for Winter's Bone)


  1. Here's a question for Carey or anyone else who has seen this film: would someone who has never seen any of the other X-Men movies still like this film, or is it something where it's really best if you know the back story?

  2. The above question is not for me (I've seen most of the X-Men movies and liked them), but for the person who I'd probably take to go see this one. I don't think she's seen any of them.

  3. Wooooowww...that DOES look cool. I saw it advertised when we were in Paris last weekend. I had no idea it was THAT good...

    *wondering if the English cinema in Munich has this already...hrmmm...*

  4. What am I missing in FPOTD??

  5. A shadow below her skirt...

  6. I won't lie, it still took me a few seconds to catch on (because I was looking at the shadow, not above it) but when I did...hoo whee!



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