Thursday, June 2, 2011

May Portrait Roundup

Great moments in family, school, professional, boudoir and other regrettable portrait photography.

Guy on left: Dammit, I can do this.
Guy on right: What the fuck was I thinking?

And everyone was surprised when the kid in red died.

A stone's throw from Douchebag Blvd.

Chad and his Chippenmullet

Pizza delivery tips?

Hurry up and take the pic so I can pull this sword out of my foot.

Ha, I remember when matching outfits were cool. Wait, no I don't.

Even the monkey knows this is bullshit.

He's a one-man dorkpack

Two guesses what they did on prom night.

Justin wasn't about to let a studio fire keep him from playing some jazz.

They wanted something classy for their anniversary.

Hair by Scotch-Gard

I bet they have this on their living room wall.

Would you like to pet my little birdie?


  1. "Hair by Scotch-Gard" bwahahahaha! :-D

    Made me laugh!

    I'm not sure what the kid "rolling in money" was going for, but it would have been more impressive if those bills were $20's or $50's or something instead of singles.

  2. I like the way you restrained yourself from any comment about cross-eyed zitty guy.

  3. And I like the way the guy's hair and facial hair mimic the lace of her underwear and stockings. See, I understand art.

  4. Justin and Douchebag Boulevard made me laugh out loud.

  5. WW, some pics are funnier w/o captions.

  6. Poor Bette. She'll never recover from "The Stepford Wives."

    Daisy, I thought the same thing about Mr. Pizza Delivery!

    My husband was paying for his dry cleaning the other day with a big fat roll of singles. He noticed the clerk looking at him oddly. Trying to be funny, he said, "I moonlight as a stripper." Without missing a beat the girl says, "Oh. Well that explains the ones then."

  7. So help me God, if I ever become tempted to have one of these abominable pictures taken of me, please take me out back and hit me repeatedly with a rake. And not one of those pansy plastic Target leaf rakes, either - I'm talking a heavy, antique, cast iron Grapes of Wrath-style monstrosity. Right in the temple, please. Thank you.

  8. The thing is Aries, will you be totally honest and let us know when you're tempted to do one of these things? 'Cause you've got my hopes up with the rake thing, and I don't wanna be disappointed.

  9. Hahaha! Friggin' awesome, these are. I wasn't thinking, and was drinking some p.m. coffee while looking at this, and nearly sprayed my computer upon reading the captions.

    Douchebag Blvd. - HAH!

    RGR - hilarious husband comment and comeback - love it!

    I don't understand what would make some of these people to think these set-ups were a good idea. Seriously, WTF, people?

  10. Cary's the kid in red with the Trek family.



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