Monday, June 13, 2011

May Engrish Roundup

We mock you.

Only wing it once!

Lithperth welcome

If only P.F. Chang's were this honest

I wish. My brain could use a cleaning.

Never mind the name. I'm not drinking anything bottled in Ghana.

Bottled in Ghana. May cause Ghana-rhea.

Unless you have Ghana-rhea

They didn't even try on this one.

Don't cook mother longer than 40 minutes or she will be dry.

"Wow, your treads are magnificent!"

That's one way to solve the makeup-removal problem.

Clearly. Calm down, man!

I guess you can take it with you after all.

That sounds good, I'll have that. Can you hold the armpit hair? Thanks.


  1. Either I haven't been paying attention, or my memory is worse than normal, because I don't remember seeing most of those.

    (I'm guessing both.)

  2. The out of control urinal is my favourite!

  3. Frank - that's why I do the roundup!

    LMM - they're all out of control. I hate urinals. They splatter! Or maybe I just pee harder than the average bloke.

  4. I really want to put a copy of the "swimming beard" up by the pool at my gym, and then sit back and watch people struggle to read it. (small town, limited entertainment)

  5. I'd advise against cooking mother. I think that would get her pretty steamed. In fact, it might even make her boiling mad! :-)

  6. Pee Cola, maybe. But I can't follow the reasoning on Pet Sweat.



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