Friday, June 3, 2011

Classic Movie Clips Of The Day: Road House

Classic in the ironic sense, that is.


  1. My god I love Sam Elliott. *swoons* MSOTD seems particularly apt next to these clips. I hadn't ever seen Roadhouse until about a month ago. I've seem the Roadhouse episode of Family Guy so many times I finally had to watch the movie. I shouldn't have waited so long.

  2. "I thought you'd be bigger."

    The original TWSS. :-D

  3. I've never seen the movie, either.

    "Man, that hurts, doesn't it?"

  4. Carolyn, I liked Sam Elliott's unexpected appearance in Up In The Air.

    Daisy - Ha! Yes.

    Frank - You're missing out, man. I also believe it was filmed down there in your neck of the woods.

  5. I miss Patrick Swazey. Yup, "pain don't hurt". I think he just got off on that cute doctor stapling him. Love those he-men.

  6. If I'm flipping channels and I find "Road House," "Dirty Dancing," or "Red Dawn" -- I have to stop and watch them. I loved PS. I fell in love with him as Orry Main on "North and South."

    EPOTD: I have never heard of "Accident Porn." They have got a genre for EVERYONE!


  7. It was on t.v. Saturday night...totally sucked me in. So much cheese in one delightful package! :D



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