Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bad Star Wars Costumes Of The Day

I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

Many thanks to Kate and Mike D. for the links.

Boba Fatt

What? They're just reading glasses!

M.C. Vader. "Stop! Vader time..."

We will crush the Rebellion. As soon as I finish my beverage. Want some? If I drink all this I'll have to pee again.

Jazz hands!

You really need to be taller than 5'3" to pull off Darth Vader

That's no moon. It's a nerd!

What? You're not really Harrison Ford? I was totally fooled.

Don't worry, no will ever know that you just added a sash to a gorilla costume

Stormtrooper activewear by Tommy BahamaTM

Albino Vader

"Love the new highlights, Chewie."
"Thanks. I just wanted the gray gone but Sebastian went a little nuts."

"I hope it doesn't rain," thought the cardboard Stormtrooper.

Suck in your gut, not your head.


I find your lack of a ladies' room disturbing.

Half-measures availed them nothing

Weekend Darth (or Darth Humungus)

Duct tape. Redneck Stormtroopers love it.

I am your daddy

"What?! Star Wars?" said the Tribble. "Shit."

C-3PNo. Loved you in that Dire Straits video, though.

AT-AT, mingle mode

This one I like

This one I love, except he should have painted his face too.


  1. "Suck in your gut, not your head." made me laugh out loud. Awesome list!

  2. I LOVE this collection! "I am your daddy" laid me out. Outstanding captions, Cary. Star Wars seems to bring out the big funny!

  3. Regarding "you must be taller than 5' 3""... are you sure that isn't supposed to be Dark Helmet?

  4. Jazz hands. Jazz hands will always win my heart.

  5. If you've never seen the Star Wars trumpet solo (linked above, at least for me), you need to click that.

  6. Oh, I'd forgotten how horrible the Trumpet girl was. Love the dance bit.

    Darth Humongous sets off my Darth Gay-dar.

  7. Cary, to be fair...I think the "cardboard storm trooper" is meant to be a Lego storm trooper. I have one on my key ring, and that's what they look like.

    The short Vader looks like a street performer in Covent Garden...hehehe...

  8. Right you are, Siress. He's still in trouble if it rains, though.

  9. My friend caught a group of cosplayers at the last Star Wars shindig out in LA.

    And I only wish I had pictures of it, because according to him an "actual size" Yoda came around a corner followed by an all midget cast of the trilogy.

  10. "No" bwah ha ha! Love these, do I.

  11. And I think the highlighted Chewie is actually Bigfoot, but really, what's the difference?



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