Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Awesome Assorted Kenny Kreations Of The Day

So, I'm getting the impression that Kenny Rogers is a popular guy among... well, somebody. I don't get it. And I'm from the South, where most of this shit was no doubt kreated.

Kenny jacket. A must-have. Look at that Kenny stare. No one will dare sneak up on you.

Kenny on velvet. Post-stroke.

Kenny serving bowl. Holds two full cups of suck. Or cigarette butts.

Kenny poker game with chickens instead of dogs. You got to know when to bluff 'em, know when to stuff 'em, know when to fry 'em deep, and know when to broil.

Kenny coffee tumbler. Love will turn you around. If not, have more coffee.

Kenny drawring -- the Bloated Years.

Kenny notebook/journal/sketchpad. "Dear Diary, why does Grandma keep buying me shit from Goodwill?"

Kenny velvet #2. So lifelike.

Easy opening for that denim jacket or LSU hoodie!

"Not that I know anything about either of those."

Kenny watercolor. Or is that Slim Pickens?

"Kenny As The Gambler" cufflinks. Perfect for that black-tie affair.

"I Ate 17 Fried Whole Chickens In One Sitting" Kenny on velvet

Kenny guitar. Play it right -- Kenny's watching.

Kenny painting. Not sure if it's velvet, but Kenny's jacket is.

Kenny t-shirt, modeled by someone who called his 1-900 sex line.

Not enough Kenny for ya? Check out 26 Dudes Who Look Like Kenny Rogers.


  1. I don't get it either, but this is funny stuff. Great captions, Cary!

    "Holds two full cups of suck." hahaha!

    "Slim Pickens" made me laugh too. I haven't heard that name for years! :-D

  2. My dad was once mistaken for Kenny Rogers at a truck stop. I'm sure I've told you all that before. The mistaker demanded an autograph, though I can't remember if dad complied.

  3. smauge said...

    What in gods name is the jacket made of? Fuzzy felt??

  4. Great stuff. Hard to believe this guy was an actual rock star a few lifetimes ago. Anybody else remember "Kenny Rogers & The First Edition"?

    Just for the record, Kenny zipper pulls for our LSU hoodies went out of style once Garth Brooks' "Calling Baton Rouge" became a hit. ;)

  5. Cajunman, I remember The First Edition. Now that you've jogged my memory, I'm going to be singing, "Just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in" or maybe "Ru-uu-by, don't take your love to town" all day. :-)

  6. Some of your best commentary ever. Never did git the attraction. Shit, I'm out of Skoal. Gotta run to the store.

  7. Is Kenny Rogers Roasters something that actually exists (still)? We have a few of them in Seoul but I've never seen one in California or Hawaii. They were popular enough in Korea, since South Koreans love fried chicken.

    Most under-35's have no idea who Kenny Rogers is, though. Some think (seriously) that he's the Colonel's little brother.

    I have to admit, I liked "The Gambler" album when I was in elementary school.

  8. Kt - thanks.

    Ron - oops, did I say LSU? I meant Ole Miss.

  9. OMG! I had that t-shirt! When I was a kid I was big into Kenny. My parents took me to see him when I was in 3rd grade. My first big concert. It was 1989. Eddie Rabbit and Garth Brooks opened.



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