Wednesday, June 29, 2011

80s Vid Of The Day: Funky

Just heard this one in the car and was kickin' it, yo. Glad my kid wasn't there, she'd a been yellin' at me to knock it off before we pulled up next to somebody she knew.


  1. There sure is a lot of bling in that video.

    Poor Rover. Never knew what hit him. ha! :-)

  2. Now you have to post Wild Thing.

  3. Groan. This was from a dark time in music. It was a time when not a single guitar was heard on the airwaves for what seemed like 10 years.

  4. Very few things give me as much pleasure as embarrassing my kids while singing with or dancing to "questionable" music. That's a pretty broad category, too. My son is humiliated by my love of hip-hop (he's still scarred after I showed him my "Juicebox" routine for zumba), my oldest daughter finds my disco moves completely disgraceful (don't be hating on Earth, Wind and Fire), and my youngest pretends not to know me when I bust out to the oldies in stores. (Hey, my "Footloose" number is awesome.)

    Kids today. WTH do they know?

  5. @ RGR

    Just tell em it's revenge for all the times they embarrassed you when they were little.

  6. I've only heard this song in strip bars, so I never paid attention to the lyrics. Those are pretty funny.



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