Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kim Jong-il Looking At Things (Of The Day)

Look at Kim Jong-il looking at things. From the Tumblr blog called Kim Jong-il Looking At Things. And FOLOTD Kate Stransky.

Looking at a turbine

Looking at a computer mouse

Looking at girls

Looking at linen threads

Looking at snowflakes

Looking at a map

Looking at butter cookies

Looking at pottery

Looking at canned tomatoes

See more pictures of at Kim Jong-il looking at things at Kim Jong-il Looking At Things.


  1. This post gave me a hearty laugh. There are a lot of things around that need to be seen!! I notice that the butter cookies needed to be tasted as well as looked at. :-D

  2. I remember singing that tag line as a kid. We did a lot of weird stuff as kids. :-)

  3. Comet
    It makes your skin turn green
    It tastes like gasoline
    It makes you vomit
    So try some Comet
    And vomit

    Is Comet even around anymore?

  4. Yes, Comet is still around. I have some under my kitchen sink. I'm not tasting it, though!

    I remember a while back that it was one of the look-alike products that poison control centers were afraid of because they thought it looked too much like the sprinkle cans of Kraft Parmesan Cheese. I guess they thought little kids would mistake the two and end up sprinkling Comet on their spaghetti.

  5. Kim Jong-il looks at my balls.

  6. Prairie Girl says:

    Hmmm, the way that Kim Jong-il "looks" at butter cookies explains the difference in how he fills the jumpsuits in pictures three and six.

    What a wack job!

    P.S. your caption under the MSOTD made me laugh out loud. Perfect!

  7. I long for the life of a national figurehead... sigh.

  8. Lefty

    You can marry Princess Beatrice and her hat and plot the untimely demise of Princes William and Harry. Just do it before they have kids.

  9. He looks at butter cookies the same way I do. Especially Lorna Doones. :)



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