Thursday, May 26, 2011

Great Movies That Won Zero Oscars (Of The Day)

A list from Eddie D. that's hard to believe: none of these classic films won a single Oscar.

Singin' In The Rain (1952)
2 nominations; not nominated for Picture
0 wins
AFI Top 100 rank: 10 rank: 74

Taxi Driver (1976)
4 nominations, including Picture, Actor (Robert DeNiro), Supporting Actress (Jodie Foster)
0 wins
AFI Top 100 rank: 47 rank: 36

Dr. Strangelove (1964)
4 nominations, including Picture, Director (Stanley Kubrick), Actor (Peter Sellers)
0 wins
AFI Top 100 rank: 26 rank: 21

The Maltese Falcon (1941)
3 nominations, including Picture, Supporting Actor (Sydney Greenstreet), Screenplay (John Huston)
0 wins
AFI Top 100 rank: 23 rank: 62

Rebel Without A Cause (1955)
3 nominations, including Supporting Actress (Natalie Wood), Supporting Actor (Sal Mineo)
0 wins
AFI Top 100 rank: 59 rank: N/A

Rear Window (1954)
4 nominations, including Director (Alfred Hitchcock)
0 wins
AFI Top 100 rank: 42 rank: 13

12 Angry Men (1957)
3 nominations, including Picture, Director (Sidney Lumet)
0 wins
AFI Top 100 rank: N/A rank: 14

The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
7 nominations, including Picture, Actor (Morgan Freeman) and Screenplay
0 wins
AFI Top 100 rank: N/A rank: 2

The Great Escape (1963)
1 nomination, for Editing
0 wins
AFI Top 100 rank: N/A rank: 77

Psycho (1960)
4 nominations, including Director (Hitchcock), Supporting Actress (Janet Leigh), Cinematography-Black and White.
0 wins
AFI Top 100 rank: 18 rank: 22

Field of Dreams (1989)
3 nominations, including Picture
0 wins
AFI Top 100 rank: N/A rank: N/A

The Caine Mutiny (1954)
7 nominations, including Picture, Actor (Humphrey Bogart)
0 wins
AFI Top 100 rank: N/A rank: N/A (IMdb only ranks Top 250)

American Graffiti (1973)
5 nominations, including Picture, Director (George Lucas)
0 wins
AFI Top 100 rank: 77 rank: N/A

For reference, here are a few movies that did win Oscars:

Pearl Harbor
How The Grinch Stole Christmas
Top Gun
Dick Tracy
The English Patient
Independence Day
Legends of The Fall
Bedknobs And Broomsticks
Dirty Dancing
The Ghost And The Darkness
Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom
The Woman in Red
You Light Up My Life
The Poseidon Adventure

Just sayin'....


  1. You forgot to add 8 Mile to "Movies winning Oscars".

    Oscars have always been more about politics, stubornness and popularity contests than artistry. Clark Gable not winning for Gone with the wind, who won that year? Which of those movies is remembered after 70 years? Juliette Binoche is nice and all, but winning over Lauren Bacall? How long did it take for Paul Newman to get one? And it's only gotten worse: Inception, Black Swan not winning Best Movie, the 35 nominations of Meryl Streep and she won't be given one more because they don't want her to catch up with Katharine Hepburn. Tom Hanks is screwed.

  2. Hard to believe the winners and losers here. I guess the ones in the first list that are usually considered classics made enough of an impression to be remembered as being well done in spite of the fact that they didn't win the Oscar.

    The ham caption on the side today made me laugh. :D

  3. "Shawshank Redemption" not winning an award is an absolute travesty. Some of the movies on the list aren't my favorites but they were all deserving of an award.

  4. Wow Shawshank never won... amazing... and looking at the those that did.. geez... put me in charge people...

  5. The Oscars don't mean shit anymore, if ever at all. I don't watch the award shows, because they are all just the entertainment establishment giving itself a pat on the back. Too bad it's for all the crap that comes out before all the good stuff towards the end of the year, you know, "Oscar Season." *Blech* I mean, c'mon, "The King's Speech" was not all that great, was blatantly made for Oscar bait, and frankly, is rather forgettable.
    I will say that The English Patient and Evita, IMHO, deserved the awards they were nominated/won.

  6. I love the Oscars, and watch them every year, just to see Pixar win. That said, they hold no bearing on what lasts forever. This year's Oscars turned me on to Winter's Bone, which was excellent. Probably wouldn't have seen it were it not for the Oscars.

  7. Read "Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption" by Stephen King...yes, THAT Stephen King. I think it's his best ever; it's in a collection of short stories, the title of which is "Four Seasons" - I think. Anyway, read it. Read it, I say!!



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